Don”t wait to be sold . Start Selling You

Don”t wait to be sold. Start Selling You

Success does not come easy.  Hard will be what your mind says it is Hustler

Hello My Name is Roosevelt Davis

 I am the number 1 Street Author In the World 

Of an impactful  13 chapters book that will help solve problems. If you are willing to do the work.

To become successful. And have a Rich life

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Watch this video so you can get directly to your journey and start living with gusto and excitement of life that God has given you and me.

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Disclaimer: Even when you know a book or a course can help solve so many people issue. Over time I have realized until a person changes their own mind about how they fill inside. They will not Change

They will  Change Nothing.I know this is  not you 

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Business Hustler Owner

Business Hustler Owner
Business Hustler Owner

Disclaimer; This video is for serious business mind people men or women who are willing to work hard and execute what I have in these 13 chapters of BHO BUSINESS HUSTLER OWNER.

Business Hustler Owner

Let me  DIRECT and  TO THE POINT. You must put in the hard work to be very successful. In Business.

My book is for Anyone who will challenge themselves for more: Here are a few examples


2 Chef


4.Customer Service

5.Candy Makers

6.Captains Airplanes, Fishermen, Merchant Mariners

7.Car wash Attendants


9. Doctors

10.canine enforcement officers

11.Bus Drivers

12 Taxi -Cab Driver

There are more

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Take Action

Take Action
Take Action

What is a Take Action approach?

Some may be surprised with the answer? to many, it starts with putting your thoughts on paper and write down your goals.

Sure this will work sometimes.


talk for a minute perhaps two.  You must do whatever you must do and approach your dreams and goals.


The first action must be prayer and meditation to god to allow me and you to have the ability achieve more and take action in everything.


I do and say for my life and for my wife and family and friends.Have You Took Action To Say Hello To A friend or Family this is Your Take Action Move

You must believe in your take action approach. Today

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Innovation Speaker :How to start a Profitable Business

Speaker: How to start a Profitable Business

As a business owner, you must solve more people problems.  A business owner must always look for a  reason to  be a service more people

Go Jaguars football

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How to get into money shape with the right money education

How to get into money shape and with the right   money education

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Create purpose for your family, faith Business, and prosperity 


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Smell the rose or work on growing them for sell to make you money

Smell The Rose make money Spent the time with someone you love and always be moving forward.

One of my dear friends said that you always busy and you need to take the time and smell the rose . My answer

My answer to my friend  I  am smelling the rose but I have to be always moving forward and creating what God has for my life.

See if you take the time and smell the rose while you are moving forward. The Rose smell so much better.

Next, keep moving forward you will be able to own the whole rose shop and the garden. And to sell to people who love Roses

To Create a Future of Abundance and Prosperity –

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When you lose your job without being prepared. Now what?

When you lose your job without being prepared. Now what?

Photo from Breather
Photo from Breather


When you lose your job without being prepared.

One of my associates took a hit from his job of 12 plus years he did not lose his job because he was not a stellar employee.

He took a hit for an unknown reason in his company.
And  job cuts are becoming more frequent all over America
The loss of his job was not difficult for him.Why ?  and How did he handle the outcome

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What is Faith ?

What is Faith – Thank you to -Saleh Ahmad for this photo go check his work on unsplash

What is Faith?

Just Thinking so many people know the correct purpose and make a choice to follow another path. When they truly know this is not the right choice for their life.

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Even when life has slapped you several times about the same issue about your choices

Look, my friends,  God gives men and women a free will.

He wants greatness for your life.

How come when I lie to you. Most people believe this is the truth when they could see my truth with their own eyes.Tv, Social Media. Newspaper, Friends, Family 

Here is what Faith is for me. To know God is to know his truth and to know the truth you must study his word

I don’t have to see God.

To know that God loves me

To know he is real in my life and yours and all I have do is look around I see what he has created for me here on earth and believe what is possible.

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The Come up of Business

The Come up of Business

In the hood, we having a saying. It’s time for a come up
This means in the Hood webster( financial )  And the come up could mean something totally different to you. Watch my video to find out

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Beans BBQ Sandwich with Potato Salads 

Beef BBQ Sandwich
Beef BBQ Sandwich

For me, food is wonderful when you share with friends and the ones that you love. But today I am not sharing this BBQ Beef Sandwich with anyone.

From Mission BbQ in Jacksonville Florida



The sides items are homemade every day in mission bbq kitchen.The Potato salad is fresh daily and the baked beans  are  cook to perfection

So if you are to coming to Jacksonville Florida  or you live here check Mission BBQ out today

Misson BBq did not pay me for this advertisement we just enjoy their food and will be back for more

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