Booker Music For God

Booker Jazz Guitarist For God

Booker starts his day with a big smile and he thanks God for his amazing day.

So on  this very day,
What does Booker do to have such a wonderful attitude
 Well, Booker is a jazz guitarist. And he  plays his guitar  for his raving fans for more than 15 years in this  great city of Savannah Ga
On the side street of Savannah, this is where he leaves his case for people to leave a tip.He sit and plays his old fender and beautiful music is heard throughout the sidestreet.
Booker has changed the guitar  strings thousands of time but he has never changed the guitar  she is an old friend that sings to his fans
The new tourist that to visit comes from all parts of the city and some come from different parts of the countries just to visit Savannah. And learn the history of this great southern city some are allure and go down the side street because they hear an old sound some the old hits that they recognize from the past that is now present.
A crowd surrounds Booker
The crowd dance and sing as they hear the fender guitar sings. They put their money donations into the guitar case and the process happens and the blessing comes roaring into the guitar case.
 Today Booker has been praying to god.
To receive a recording deal with someone who truly loves God and he can preach his music throughout the world for the gratification of god and each day he pray  and fall  to sleep as  he has wait for the signal from God
Since waiting for his answer from God. Booker has been tremendously blessed he has met his wife from this corner she is a local doctor he has three kids all who go to private school and love music and he has sponsored the homeless and gave to kids that are needed.
But booker want to do more to honor God
After this jam session with the new tourist, he notices that guitar case was full of money and he also notice a homeless man.The man also a tourist he came looking for a job and he was from Nebraska with his family
(Sometimes you don’t know who is the Thief or an Angle let god handle this in your life today )
Booker did not let this man ask for help he was lead by the spirit and gave all he had in the case to this man and he allowed god to move and pray with him. This man was shaking and burst in tears of uncontrollable jerks and howls of enjoyment.
At this very moment a person who was a tourist from Chicago.Notice what had happened and start a cheerful chant and others follow and celebration happen people who never knew God did get saved.
That very day
Now others left and move from this Jam session of music.The man from Chicago stay and wait  and watch and rejoice and the  listen to the Jam session of music and move towards Booker and introduce himself
My name is Royce and I am from an RCA Recordings and would love to sign you so we can carry this message to the world that God is great at this very moment Booker kneel before all to see that our God is Great and Amazing
On this Chapter what have you learned from Booker   Write down  your comments
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