How the best tow drivers are hired by M.C.A for only 5 dollars a week

How the best tow drivers are hired by M.C.A for only 5 dollars a week


Motor Club America Lifestyle part 3


Here  is the last of our  episode of  adventure . The best roadside service i have ever had and why? Buy M.C.A

Here are some truth that will amaze you . Spoken from the mouth of a roadside tow service provider .

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As i see it everyone want to be in the road service   business and offer at the lowest price possible . What is wrong with that in these videos you will see you pay for what you receive .

Your new car service could sunrise or surprise  you one day .

Your Insurance Allstate ,Geico ,State Farm   could surprise you sooner than later

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Motor Club America Lifestyle .Part 2


How i enjoy my M.C.A membership you should join for only 5 dollars a week How we pay the best Towing experts to reach our members fast and to take care all their roadside   customer needs .

Please join for only $5 dollars a week at .

Also check out how our benefits are the industry best .

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You will receive the following benefits as a customer/partner ▪Unlimited roadside assistance – Towing, Battery, Lockout, Tire, Fuel ▪100 miles of towing per day (per incident) 36,500 towing miles per year ▪Travel reservations & trip planning ▪$500.00 reimbursement in our travel assistance program ▪500.00 for a rental car over a 7 day period (accidental coverage only) ▪$5,000.00 stolen vehicle reward ▪$1,000.00 in credit card protection ▪$500.00 arrest bond for small traffic violations ▪$25,000.00 bail bond for Negligent Homicide or Vehicle Manslaughter ▪$2,000.00 in attorney fee assistance ▪Up to 65% off prescriptions, vision, dental, hotel, and rental cars ▪Up to $500.00 in emergency room reimbursements as a result of any accident ▪Up to $54,000.00 in hospital bill coverage if admitted for any accident ▪Up to $50,000.00 paid to you or a family member as a result of death or injury .

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Motor Club America Lifestyle

Motor Club America Lifestyle.


How 5 dollars a week is changing lives .

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Today is a another scorching hot day.  The heat index in Florida  is around 110  degrees and i have the Ac turn all the way up  blowing Ice Cubes .

Just joking

Me and my son decide it was time to take a walk to the nearest pool in one of my best friends neighbor hood .

See what happen after we return to our truck .

When you need help with a Roadside Service this is why you should use us  Quick and Effect and  Reliable  Quality  Service

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You must be willing to work hard and help people solve problems that they have each day with their cars

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