Hot ! Boil Delicious  Crabs 

Hot ! Boil Delicious  Crabs 

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I have the  most enjoyment when  cooking for people . My family has been Cooks and Chefs for more than 50 years . My Uncles, Auntie, Brothers and  Sister we all enjoy the  aroma of food in our house .

For any occasion

That is one of my reason i became a Chef in my early adult life .

And this food kept money in my pockets and my stomach full

One of the special Dishes that my mother In law enjoy is my famous Crab Boils.

Here are a few of the ingredients . Fresh – May port Crabs all medium and some large

Crab Boil
Crab Boil





4. Potatoes

5 Corns

6 Add water and let boil for 30 mins and add Crabs to your cook pot careful and try not let the crabs snap you .  please use gloves or tongs

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Wing Stop Amazing Garlic Parmesan wing stop

Wing Stop Amazing Garlic Parmesan

wing stop
wing stop

Disclaimer : This not a paid advertisement  so every thing that i will share is my truth .

For me wing stop is one of the best  chicken wing restaurants that is consisted and on time with their food preparation.

Hot french fries , and chicken wings clean restrooms and friendly employee .  And the flavors of sauce is the wing stop trademarks .

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Green Onions and Beef and Fried Rice at P.F. Chang’s

Green Onions and Beef and Fried Rice at P.F. Chang’s

Green Onions and Beef and Fried Rice at P.F. Chang’s

A great Asian Cuisine

If you are looking for the best Chinese experience in food PF Chang’s is one the best . Why ? Great customers service  , fast server and friendly people .

Me and my wife love this place for our Anniversary or our Birthday Party .

So when you come into our  city Jacksonville Florida  . Go find the Horse P.F Chang’s  Great Food , Good People , Good Experience.


This is  not a paid advertisement . I just enjoy the food

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Sweet and Sour Chicken .This might surprise you

Sweet Chicken and Rice
Sweet and Sour Chicken and fried rice

Have you  ever wonder where  did your food come from .

I have”So i did a investigation into china wonderful cuisine that is call Sweet and  Sour  Chicken .

Did you know that sweet and sour chicken is not from China its from China Town America and Before CTA Sweet and Sour Chicken has been use in England and  During the Middle Ages .

Wow !

 And still Remains Popular in Europe and America 

Now for me i been in some the best Chinese Restaurants in America and the Sweet and Sour Chicken  is still very popular .

This is only a brief review of Sweet and Sour Chicken  .

Come and see what food place i will review next

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The Best Steak and Mash Potatoes I Have Ever Had

The Best Steak and Mash Potatoes I Have Ever Had

Steak and Mash

Steak and Mash

I love thanking God for my Food .Especially this Amazing Steak

Healthy Food could be more expense than eating out at a regular Burger and fries combo at the burger joint .

And we do have some wonderful Hamburger Joints in Jacksonville , Florida

Now back to the steakhouse i cant remember the name of restaurant  . (Sorry ) for this meat lovers ladies and gentleman

This steak is so   Juicy Great grill marks Great season and the Grill master that cook our steak medium well and to perfection and the mash potatoes.

Was awesome.

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