Go Gators in Jacksonville Florida .Play the Georgia Bull Dogs

Florida ,Georgia
Florida, Georgia

Go Gators in Jacksonville Florida.Play the Georgia Bull Dogs

Let the Fun Began

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Today is a Million Dollar Event allot money is being made today from college football .

Congrats to Georgia for Winning Today 42 – 7

Wait Until next year

You must have a marketing campaign budget

You must have a marketing campaign budget

One of a few things that get me truly excited is Business and how to create flows of income from many cycles of business I run my businesses like a huge corporation.

Watch my video below and see why?  You should have money in the game of business and learn how to test your marketing for huge gains.

Understand you will lose money if you do not keep your eyes on the prize to make money for your family and generations

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Start an investment into you and your business

Think like a Hustler.Young Hustlers

Think like a Hustler.Young Hustlers

I want you to think of your business as the recycling of money.Every time you invest or spend money your investments of money. The money will return back you greater.

With the investment into your own mind is where you should start.You should believe also and understand this could happen to you a true life change into oneself.

You have the approval for what our God has for you in your life, abundance and money love and health

I also believe when I tell you to buy one of my many products that you will buy because you are looking for a solution to your desire. And also believe that I have what you are seeking for

Young man Young woman or whatever you feel like in one’s mind. You must believe that you can have whatever you want if you willing to work hard and change what you #Believe Today

So in this video message that I share with the millions of people who desire to read or view my post and buy our products and service.


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Bring your Son or Daughter To Work Day .Business or Job Podcast

Bring your Son or Daughter To Work Day.Business or Job Podcast

I love sharing my experiences with my children and young minds .I believe they need to have a choice.

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How my blog makes the daily profits

How my blog makes the daily profits

Today  I will share how am building my momentum and traffic to my WordPress blog.

And building a this company not  as a quick flip  and receiving  every small amount of money or large. Is truly a success for me .

Understand i am business person i deal with real flesh and blood customer each day . And my company make money and a profits each year  .

So are you changing .Listen or  read below

And i set this YouTube blog 2009 and left because i did not understood the platform .

The reason i came back is that our world and our economy is changing and our world is globe and money is 24 hrs a day and want a piece of the pie and you should also .

Now !


And  I am  building with  speed since I create bhoinnovation and have always state that my blog is about making money and showing how to create money.

For me and my readers who want to work hard to make money  

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Look you should Always be Selling 

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How to gather more clients and friends

How to Gather More Clients and Friends


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Out and about in Sunny Jacksonville Florida.Visiting a Client that has become a partner in my business.

He makes money with one of my companies understand cash flow is king and have an overflow customer is necessary for business.

My friend

You must start a business and become a client or customer gathering machine you must not rely on one client.

To create you money today.

How do you do this you must meet and sale new friends for your business and lifestyle.

Here is my why? For this amazing passion, i have some of your  Clients or Customer will move or die.

They may have all of your products or service.And sometimes they feel like they are the only person you have to rely on

just like a Girl or Boy that you adore. Never let this happen to you have more opportunity and options

Here is an example of a failing organization church some member has been to the same church for more they 40 plus years. they are becoming older some are their 60 -80 and there are No young people to help the church become prosperous with growth.

With these type of issue, the pastor will always come up short in the Church Ministry

Because the Church has to stop Creating and this hinder the Growth of the Church.

Young people must come into the church and the elder must teach the youth and move forward with God word without this in the church without the youth in the church the church is  Dead. If you don”t believe me look around.

So many churches are bankrupt or barely keeping the doors open

In your business, you must always be creating new styles new promotion flyers knocking on doors always stay hunger. Never become relax

The same as a marriage you build a relationship with a Boy or Girl and one day you become a husband and wife .

To build your future to have kids.Now if you only have one kid and the kid grow up and don”t want to become a parent you may lose your generation.

You must become fruitful and multiply and grow your business and friends and clients list.

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You must have more than one choice in business and be a master of a few

You must have more than one choice in business and be a master of a few

This cracks me up all the time when I see so call business owner Who will tell their legion of followers just do one thing and the money from the sky will fall upon them.

This can work in the beginning. But my friends a business must be ever evolving into different solutions to help more people solve their problems

As a  business owner, if you have the solution to help your client and will not sell them the items or products and service that is needed in the market place. You do not service the client  instead of allowing your client, customers go so where else

You do not service the client instead of allowing your client, customers go so where else to buy products and service that you know about and the money that your business desperate needed for your business growth.

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My phone is. My best marketing tool ever 

My phone is. My best marketing tool ever

Now if you are not doing money with your phone. You just have a high price cell phone promoting their logo.

See I need this instrument of sound to relay a message and video to millions to help more people create their future and make money

This, not a game I do not Facebook live for fun this is about my future and generation and yours.

We sell information to help more people change their lives networking selling perfume oil, fragrance, and seasoning.

Our Brands Helps You Change Your Life. And my Friends your brand will do the same. Let us get started Now

It’s not bragging if it is true.Muhammad Ali



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How live streaming on YouTube could be great for your business

How live streaming on YouTube could be a great for your business

Well going to start a live streaming and see how this will help my business.I am going to use my new toy a webcam C525 and you can purchase this on Amazon were I do receive a small commission

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How passive income can pay down your debt.As a business owner

How passive income can pay down your debt.As a business owner

Here is the issue for me when some financial adviser would tell people that you must pay off your debt and cut all your credit cards up

That is Bullshit!

They never tell the person that you must increase your income with more money.And if they did tell you this please hire this person.

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Read my Book Call Create God Purpose for Your Family Prosperity and Faith:

The Credit industries is a trillion business and growing they cater more to people like college students and seniors who have stop producing an income and are on a fixed income and college students that have not started their process into the workforce.

This kind of methods is no good for a person with a low wage job or a business that do have huge profit margins at the end of the month.

My friend’s Debts is not Bad. Unless you can not pay for the Debt with more money this does not require a second or third job.

Also remember a business owner need a team of accountants, lawyers, and bookkeeping skills and more to help them win

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1. ****The growth of an Entrepreneur is allotted of Hard work . And this is not Easy .; https://youtu.be/EJ7pp_-97hM

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