Hot ! Boil Delicious  Crabs 

Hot ! Boil Delicious  Crabs 

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I have the  most enjoyment when  cooking for people . My family has been Cooks and Chefs for more than 50 years . My Uncles, Auntie, Brothers and  Sister we all enjoy the  aroma of food in our house .

For any occasion

That is one of my reason i became a Chef in my early adult life .

And this food kept money in my pockets and my stomach full

One of the special Dishes that my mother In law enjoy is my famous Crab Boils.

Here are a few of the ingredients . Fresh – May port Crabs all medium and some large

Crab Boil
Crab Boil





4. Potatoes

5 Corns

6 Add water and let boil for 30 mins and add Crabs to your cook pot careful and try not let the crabs snap you .  please use gloves or tongs

Buy my new  book Create  for your Family ,Faith Money

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