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How a poor and Dirty little kid became sexy using this method

How a poor and Dirty little kid became sexy using this method


Yes, I was that kid in high school who was not popular here is why? My family went through a transition during the 70 the worst recession of that time and what save me as a young person I learn this method that most of the others students did not understand.


I went to school hunger without a bath and did have the proper shoes to wear and was not  popular with my classmates but my superpower was I knew how to sell me in this video below I will share how I got the popular girls that the popular boys wanted to have because they were cool and their  parents gave them clothes toys and every advantage for them to win and my personality sold me 

And how I have started several businesses and became the 1 street author in the world and an entrepreneur.  So today if you going through hard times as a youth or an adult the benefit

for you is to learn how to sell if you are looking for a spouse you must learn how to sell and if you wondering where is your next meal is going come from you must learn how to sell

When I learn how to sell I became sexy strong and with the confidence of a king

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