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How to start an  Uber Business and make money

Join Uber In Jacksonville Florid

Join Uber In Jacksonville Florida

How to start an  Uber Business and make money

The best freedom that a person can have is to drive their very first car.
As a teenager,
You always ask your parents can I drive the car.We ask our parents to let us test drive their vehicle.To the store around the corner or on our very first date to take a young lady to the prom or a sports events movies, dinner, lunch.
As we continue to drive and learn how to drive the family car without our parents.
Now we have realized that we have adult responsibly like fuel for the car to drive the car. We also have oil changes and tire rotations and more
Forward 5 years later
You just purchase a New Car  and you have a great job and you realize there is more car than
money that you receive each month and you want to do little more and save some money for a raining day
Here is a great solution for you in Jacksonville Florida
The Company is Call Uber a Rideshare Company
With Uber, if you use your car a few hours a week you could make an income by just sharing your time and riding your car.
Some Uber Driver could make 25- 45 dollars an hour by sharing a ride with a new friend or just by networking with new people who want to move and work in our city Jacksonville
Uber is great part-time business in your spare time now let’s get start
One the biggest mistake that I have found a new person will do You don’t   sign with the person who told you about uber
Here are the benefits of signing  with me in Jacksonville Florida we both get paid and you will have someone who has played on the field for over 2 years and still doing the work
Another reason you should  sign  with  me instead of going directly with uber
If you did not know when you sign up with me we both make that money.This is called a signing bonus but if you go directly to uber nether one us will make money.
Here is why?  Uber believes  in paying the referred fee and if they do not  have to pay for traditional advertising they rather give the money to you and me
All you must do to qualify for the bonus
1 Have a car that is a least a 2014 and have 4 doors
2, Have car Insurance, not Pip.Full coverage
3, You must do a back round check
4, And you must be 21 to ride with uber
I will have the links down below to help you understand the process.And that is it
Now if you are new to Jacksonville Florida here is your chance to receive a free ride with uber and perhaps I could be the lucky one to take you on a tour of our Great City of Jacksonville Florida

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