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Marketing is a strategy for your business

Marketing is a strategy

As much  I would love to say that marketing is simple.The truth is that marketing your business or service can be truly costly when I hear or read all the magic out there it has allure me to at least give these clever marketers or snake salesmen some of my time and process my credit card towards the cause.

Believe me, I know when I am  being used just have to try if they know something more

Every time I feel like going to the store and pick the right scratch-off ticket and endless money will overflow my pockets.

Needless to say, The big jackpots of the world of online this has never happened online for me.But I have made a lot of money with a strategy online and offline so why? do so many people try their hands at the online roulette for online glory

The reason is the needed to get that instant gratification The horray feeling after a  game or sex great food or a rush after going on a rollercoaster ride 

That feeling keeps us at the gambling table spending and hoping to get our money back or beat the table. Everyone knows the house always win if not they will kick you out of the house.

Here is a better solution  Try doing the research on your product or service and try looking for a need stand away and watch who is truly winning at the table you might realize they are losing there money and time trying to win at the table

When searching for traffic understand there is traffic that will get you views clicks and money and free traffic look into all these types of service for the most Return on Your Investment or Time Return

Now let’s plan a strategy.


Wars are won without a strategy

a plan like a football basketball hockey games are won with the best defends so let’s look at it like a war.

A war is not fought without having systems in places like Ships, Planes, Guns, Missle and knowable people.  Now a war is a plan by knowing who and what  are you fighting and what they have to fight with to destroy you

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