You have permission to change and improve your earnings

You have permission to change and  improve your earnings

Hello   My Name is Roosevelt Davis

You have been watching my  videos from some time and you still have not subscribe or made a comment  here is why ?
I did not give you permission  to make a comment or share or subscribe .
Today i giving you a solid and do now permission .So Subscribe and make a comment and share and go to my blog and join the community of people who are working to create passive income and cash flow in their business and  work at home business
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True ; Story
When i work for corporate American i ask permission for everything when  can i go on a break can i go to the restroom or when can i get raise or a promotion ..
And i though like the millions of people around the globe I will  work hard and build someone else company and future   for the next 20 plus years  . I LOVE MY JOB
That until i saw motivational speaker  Tony Robbins on late night television after i had a long night at work and building some else dreams
He got my attention . I stare at the Television with such amazement i could not get any sleep . The next day I went into work with a daze look not because of the lack of sleep .
Its what i had discover . The feeling of lost in the matrix and beginning of  the process of the Green pill and down the rabbit hole  with Alice
When you think about business you need to THINK CREATE
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Disclaimer :  You  can achieve anything with hard work and determination  .Some people who buy my  books will take action and others will do nothing

Please understand without action in business .There will not be any reaction of the process of creating a future of any abundance or prosperity .

The power of your tongue could make you Rich or Poor

The power of your tongue could make your Rich or Poor

You must be careful of your tongue and the words that you say to yourself and others .

And you must think of good things and say positive things to yourself .

Be-careful what you allow in your mind . Be understanding of others feelings love yourself so you can love someone else .

Understand all good and evil comes from your tongue . Bless others not Dam them .

I will tell you. You can have so much prosperity  and abundance and great health in your life only if you are willing to believe and willing to work hard for what god has for you .

By the way God want you to become more . And he want you to have allot of money in your life.

And  you must be-careful  what you say out that glamorous mouth  and tell your tongue to only speak Great things today . From your Happy  Heart

Do you want to learn how i create massive passive income everyday



The Best Steak and Mash Potatoes I Have Ever Had

The Best Steak and Mash Potatoes I Have Ever Had

Steak and Mash

Steak and Mash

I love thanking God for my Food .Especially this Amazing Steak

Healthy Food could be more expense than eating out at a regular Burger and fries combo at the burger joint .

And we do have some wonderful Hamburger Joints in Jacksonville , Florida

Now back to the steakhouse i cant remember the name of restaurant  . (Sorry ) for this meat lovers ladies and gentleman

This steak is so   Juicy Great grill marks Great season and the Grill master that cook our steak medium well and to perfection and the mash potatoes.

Was awesome.

You start on a budget and end up Rich and with ,Abundance,   Prosperity and allot MONEY so you can enjoy the fruit of your labor .

Build a business is only way i know to live the life that our God has bless you to have .

So get start click here and find the opportunity that could make you allot of money for your hard work .

Master your money . Or you will become the master of money


Master your money . Or you will become the master of money

King Queen or Ace.  if you do not manage your money the truth is your money will never increase .

The only way I  know how  to master your money is to create  flows of business opportunity’s .  That could  help you increase your income

Beside the obvious money is important .

You do  want to make more money to master . Right

No matter what they have told you . You are the master of your money and not its slave

Repeat this you can increase your money at will and anytime . But i must be ready to get the training start reading and watching videos that leave my mind full of enjoyment and excitement   .

I also must be ready to try New business or a New job to start my journey that our god want you to have right now  . I ________  must be ready to invest the money and  time and work  .

Without these things i will not be able to master my money or the lifestyle that need to enjoy .

Now do this now !

Do you want to learn how i create massive passive income everyday email me now :

Go to Seminar to learn the ways to improve your business

Go to Seminar to learn the ways to improve your business

The  time that you spend with others on the cell-phone,watching television or Having Lunch  is money. And  the old saying is time is money unless you have allot of ways of making passive income.

For me seminars are a great way to pass a few hours or days events to learn and mature and gain new insight .

About the many ways of making money 

Now i do enjoy meeting new  people. And  some people have great ideas and new people have money to spend to  help grow their business and yours . And some become friends and business partners

Here are were your new people could be . To bless your business

  1. Church
  2. Networking Events
  3. Gas Station
  4. Grocery  Store
  5. Family Gathering
  6. Barber Shop
  7. Meet-up
  8. Marketing  events
  9. Flea Marketing
  10. Book Store
  11. Do you want to learn how i create massive passive income everyday

Improve your saving to help with your future

Improve your saving to help with your future

How can  you improve  your future . Beside working and awaiting for  retirement you could do allot of  research how and what type business model that could fit your lifestyle and passion .

We all have a passion . 

When you think about passion most of the time its  starts with love  and love is success for two humans to meet and create a family of love .

Not a Business .

Business is about survival and this is   not the way most people perceive passion or money .

Money should be handle with passion if not your bell whistle could leave you in so much  love that the blitz of the love could leave you broke and wondering  what could i have done better .

The best way i found out how to handle business is to look at the numbers and the term of the relationship .

Yes Relationship  with you money.

Learn how to create and you will never have trouble with money  God created you and me to create .

So look at this way you cant predict what type of rise your employer will give you . Can you !

If so what type of  rise would you like to see. .25 .50 1.00 2.00 more per hr or $50  in most case your employer will give you the least amount possible

Lets take a chance on you and the choice is yours to  create your future and the money is endless and  to set the amount of money flow you want to make.

By creating your own business

Like a lawn business, or a Food Truck , or Car wash, or your own Facebook Insurance , Road service   who is stopping your passion and your money  .No one

You can join a networking marketing business

Do you want to learn how i create massive passive income everyday


Prosperity and Abundance Thinker For . God , Money , Health , Life , Health

Prosperity and Abundance Thinker For God , Money , Health , Life ,Faith 

As a  disciple of god  i fell  we get judge very harsh by telling  his people that our lord savior can be a  blessing   to them in  Good  health ,money, everlasting life abundance prosperity .

 As a man believe so is he   .

This give me so much joy in my heart and soul . And sadness also when i go out  into the world to tell my message to his people .I get look upon as a thief this really  hurt .

You can watch the Demigods all day the Devil  .And they  sell us this  false pretense that its Ok to sell drugs its OK to get your money by stealing and killing . On  the News Everyday and Television

By any means 

Listen to Dj  spin  Hottest Hit Song . As a  young woman go  the dance in the night clubs on the  Stripper Pole as men and women  throw  their hard earn Money at them to collect .

By any means is her thoughts as she scramble to pick her money off the floor before the next young lady come to the floor for her performance tonight    .

I have been there not to judge the ladies of the night .I had to change my thoughts towards god and he change my mind .

Today i was speaking to a young lady at the lunch register  . To invite her to our church as our pastor have told us to be recruiters .

This lady look at me who is god and if he only knew  her sins he would not forgive her . If you could only seen the pain  on my face that hit the depths of my heart .

And the  next word that came out my mouth is that god forgives .

I was not ready for this answer .

The messenger  did not have answer

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So a man believe .So is he in Faith, Money, Health,and God

So a man believe .So is he in Faith, Money, Health, and  God

As a man think so is he . A visual is something that you can see and touch a faith is something that you can see and believe in .

And has not happen

Business is in most case is faith with risk involve you must believe you and the company can and  will thrive and make you plenty of money if not your poor company will leave you broke .

This takes a direct and focus mindset . You must  direct your brain in a spiritual focus and focus in the God in you .

Ask the God in you .What you would like to see in your future and start the process and put in the work that is needed .

You want to make 1,000 a week or 2,000 5,000 or 1 million 4 million or to become a Billionaire  .Ask the God in you   and focus and start the work and preparation to achieve  success

My Affirmation  is that when  you ask our lord and savior for what you  want and need .  You must be ready to have  plenty of money and have so much abundance and prosperity.

To give to your foundation . Help the poor    and charities  help more people get a job .  Teach them how to fish and make their own way in life

Get ready to be bless  .And work

Do you want to learn how i create massive passive income everyday



Clear your mind from Rescission

Clear your mind from Rescission

Here is why you should understand you must stay away from folks that have this plan goal for a rescission .

Run fast from them 

Here is why ?
When you allow your brain  to think rescission that tells your brain and your mind that you will be broke and you have lack of resource or money .

You just told your whole body we will be broke real soon and you must hoard your money .

Instead of thinking prosperity abundance  love ,faith ,family and lots lots of money .

You must start looking for the Opportunity 

 This is what God want for his people and you are one of them . 

Do you want to learn how i create massive passive income everyday