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About this Book: Create God Purpose for your, Family, Business and Prosperity 

You do want more in your life. For your   Faith, Love, Money, Family,  and more this is your chance to move forward.

In the beginning, the earth was void. That means that earth  did not existence

Void means, in any case, there was nothing so god starts the process of creating the earth . After he finishes he said that the earth that he create was Good

In my   Inspirational book about family, business, money, prosperity.   There will be some true stories to start your journey into a new life of hope and promise and abundance.

 My book will serve you well and help you achieve. What God has Create for you to become and he wants you to start a life of hope love and to journey to create.

When you create a Future of Prosperity and Abundance Your Life Will Change. Forever 


Create: is in Beta there will be stories of how people have started to create their future in Business, Love, Family, Prosperity, and Abundance.

And Truly How Our  God will help you  achieve more when you have faith and believe and create your life in   his name 

So go buy my book at the introduction price. Here is why? you should buy my book at this beta price your price will never go up as I add more stories of my book that will go to your cell phone  Ipads or anything that use to read a book you will receive the update without spending one more penny.

Now if you are new your price will be the price of the book as it is now! As I keep adding more stories your price will be the price that you came into as a buyer of this book.


Click here and buy  – Create God Purpose for Your Family Business And Prosperity 



A strong story is a snapshot into someone else discovery or their transformation into an adventure. I have changed the concept of an ending story. Look life is always moving forward with our knowledge or without us