Buying the New Apple iPhone X-10

Apple just introduce their new phone . The iPhone X -10 at the outstanding price of 1,200 dollars and this equates to 8 average laptops or 4 medium  home computers

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Dam lets face it !

The I phone is the most expense phone in history  and could be your for a cool 1,000

Now please tell us would you sacrifice buy this amazing technology and forget all your other  responsibility .

Such as your Mortgage  ,Rent ,lights ,Car payment ,Student loans or Credit Cars and all expense just to have this one of kind phone that is breaking history and your purse and wallets

Now do i like Apple iPhone  .I -Guess

Since I -Do not own a iPhone at this time  .I-might challenge myself to buy the 6-7 iPhone

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Motor Club America Lifestyle .Part 2


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