Ask for the sale – The Door -to Door Salesmen

Ask for the sale – The Door -to Door Salesmen

You have the products and you have the service.So why? not ask for the sale when you know how the product works and you believe in the product or the service that you are selling.

You do know the customer Right that you are trying to reach for their time and money
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How passive income can pay down your debt.As a business owner

How passive income can pay down your debt.As a business owner

Here is the issue for me when some financial adviser would tell people that you must pay off your debt and cut all your credit cards up

That is Bullshit!

They never tell the person that you must increase your income with more money.And if they did tell you this please hire this person.

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The Credit industries is a trillion business and growing they cater more to people like college students and seniors who have stop producing an income and are on a fixed income and college students that have not started their process into the workforce.

This kind of methods is no good for a person with a low wage job or a business that do have huge profit margins at the end of the month.

My friend’s Debts is not Bad. Unless you can not pay for the Debt with more money this does not require a second or third job.

Also remember a business owner need a team of accountants, lawyers, and bookkeeping skills and more to help them win

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Why I sign with **MCA** Motor Club America

Why I sign with **MCA** Motor Club America

Here I will share the reason I sign with M.C.A . And enjoy selling the products for the number 1  reason. Most people need our products and the services especially our benefits.

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Corn field Maze .See this to the end and the clues to the way out

Cornfield Maze.See this to the end and the clues to the way out

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As an Entrepreneur, I get to control my time and today I spent my time with my son at the  Amazing Grace Farm.

Here is our adventure me and the other children at his school and our team view and play with some of the animals on the farm .pigs, goats, cows and some horse.

We also took a hayride around the farm



Put your feet on the gas pedal and fly

Put your feet on the gas pedal and fly

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Today you come to visit me and I am thankful for the opportunity .

Yesterday i was so tried and hunker out .  A blogs post was not going to happen . Here is my  why ? A new baby and  Hurricane Irma your man was out of touch and needed some well deserve sleep .

And i wanted and did post a blog with a video to stay consistent with a daily blog .

Keep up  with me people i still need a cup of coffee 

Last night !

was my night for some un –  erupted dreams and i feel amazing this morning .Some of my dreams was weird nerveless i slept

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How the best tow drivers are hired by M.C.A for only 5 dollars a week

How the best tow drivers are hired by M.C.A for only 5 dollars a week


Motor Club America Lifestyle part 3


Here is the last of our episode of an adventure. The best roadside service I have ever had and why? Buy M.C.A

Here is some truth that will amaze you. Spoken from the mouth of a roadside tow service provider.

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Your new car service could surprise you one day. Like our  insurance company did

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Here is a idea for passive income stream : Sure way to make money

Thank You
Thank You for making a choice to create and make passive -income

Here is a idea for passive income stream : Sure way to make money

As a business owner i do not like to waste time or waste others time. When opportunity is a life matter .

So  let me cut through the chase  or clutter of allot searches and give you what you are looking .

Here is what i have for you . Let me stop ! And say this

Having a business is not easy and a business that could allow you to make allot of money  will take allot of work .

You must also have some money to get started and be ready to market your business to create a income .

That you Desire

On my blog i will share more that on opportunity to make money .Making money takes time and focus on your goals and needs

Business for stay at home moms or dads . Don’t mean you stay at home you must create the opportunity first and networking with real clients or customer that spend money .

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