Don’t live with regret for your life in money,family ,travel,faith

Don’t live with regret for your life in money,family ,travel,faith .

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Perhaps you have heard some of your  elders.

Tell you their Dreams and wishes .

And they said i wish i could go on my Dream Vacation or i wish i could have spend time with my family or start a business that would  have sent my  children to the best  University or Colleges


Or they could have  live in  Big House. And have plenty of money 

For me i live my life like its my last .And have a goal set to achieve more

A Few years ago

Me and my family went to Paris I we lived like Rock Stars and we was on the Europe Television Station After Spain beat France in Basketball .

We stay of overnight at  the Hawthorn Airport and we visit all the stores to shop and live in a modest hotel room open the windows and made love near the windows and watch the birds fly by and slept for 12 hrs

Sip Cafe and ate croissant and pastry 

And  we  walk everywhere in Paris 

This was a Dream of mind that became Real ! 

Off the beat of this story

Here is another thing that we did  learn that everyone who is a native of Paris really

Do  speak french .

My friends

You do not want to live with regrets just allot of adventures of stories .To live a Happy life and share with love ones

To encourage

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Sweet and Sour Chicken .This might surprise you

Sweet Chicken and Rice
Sweet and Sour Chicken and fried rice

Have you  ever wonder where  did your food come from .

I have”So i did a investigation into china wonderful cuisine that is call Sweet and  Sour  Chicken .

Did you know that sweet and sour chicken is not from China its from China Town America and Before CTA Sweet and Sour Chicken has been use in England and  During the Middle Ages .

Wow !

 And still Remains Popular in Europe and America 

Now for me i been in some the best Chinese Restaurants in America and the Sweet and Sour Chicken  is still very popular .

This is only a brief review of Sweet and Sour Chicken  .

Come and see what food place i will review next

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