How to receive Traffic to your WordPress Blog . Smart People

How to receive Traffic to your WordPress Blog . Smart People

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Tonight  I am at a word press networking marketing meeting . To learn how to create more traffic to my site each day.

So our guest speaker Alexander James Investments  will tell the attendees how he receives 6-7 thousand  to his site organic and with No  paid traffic

Watch video. I am very sorry the recording of the teaching was not allow only after the meeting .

Also we did have some great food from our sponsor of this event:

Forks On The Left Catering  . You can  give them a call for your next event Call Connie l. Kersee 904-516-0177 . For this event they set out a wonderful buffet of  Sandwiches , Cookies , Chip, And Some Cold cold  Drinks 

Thank you for the Food 

Our host spoke about . Sub Category your blog and topics to blog about such as friends,movies ,love . And building a email list of people who want to learn from his company post .

This is why ? I go to learn from smart people who are doing what i want to achieve in business .

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Becoming a Entrepreneur is Hard

Becoming a Entrepreneur is Hard .

Here is one of my Clients and Friend  Dan . Dan is a Barber and he wanted to learn how to take his business to a  new levels

Knowing that the platform of his business is ever changing he made a choice and purchase Business Hustler Owner .

Good  choice Dan 

And Dan change  the game in his industry secretly and double his income you can do the same when you read Business Hustler Owner .

Disclaimer ; I do not  know you . But i believe if you try and put in the hard  work that it will take to  become a business owner your life will change and if you believe and not blame others and take direct and focus action .

Your life and things will change. Get to work 

I do not get  into the funnel game telling you  to sign up and i  feed you content in the funnel and creating a explosion of events to get you buy my course and books

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Look my friend i know my product is one of a  kind and Super all 13 chapter of know waste of paper or ink to print .

I really do not have the time so i go direct tell you to  buy and if you do not like what you have purchase i will cheerfully refund your money.

That is it .

Waste time is waste money


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Would you like a Free Business

Would you like a Free Business

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Free Business Alert !  Well this somewhat true .There are a few rules to become a free business owner .

You must follow these rules and i don’t want to hear any crying or potty mouth . from you !


And you must start selling something that someone gives you today  Ask friends, Family . Or what you own play station , comic books,toys in your attic  or just plan stuff that you are not using.

Next make some posting on Facebook, Craigslist , Tumbler

Get on my news letter Right Now This a Direct Order. Noowwwwwwwwwwwwww .

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I will personalty unsubscribe you from my personal money list more people who want change and will take action

I am selling two great books that you can learn from today. And know i do not like funnels unless its funnel cake  . I Rather sell you direct

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Before you buy Go sell a product or service and you will learn that you will pay for your education with the knowledge and sweat of your mind and this will began for you a Free Business . More to Come


Its time to create and prepare to win

As you may have notice we  had the worst hurricane disaster than anyone who has  born have ever seen . Irma , Harvey

Destroy All or most part of Florida  , And Flood Houston Texas

Watch this video Below And going to tell you why ? Should start a business today

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You have a special gift to create more money – Cash-flow -Passive -Income in Business

You have a special gift to create more money – Cash-flow -Passive -Income in Business.

Buy my new  book Create  for your Family ,Faith Money

You have to be able to create value into a business . Also life is about changing and creating everyday that is why we have Summer, Spring, Winter and fall

Lets get started i spoke to a young man while driving with uber and he told me that his job is not giving him enough hours . Some of the reason for this that most people are not creating value in the market place .

 I’am Off the  track a little Bit

Also this guy ask me to make a stop for him to get something to eat before he went to work .

He did not want pay for the stop and my time .

(Give value or a  Thank you )

What i did next might surprise most Uber drivers i told this guy to buy me a cup of coffee for the stop . Since i gave him value for the stop i needed to get paid for my time

Most people of this Generation want the freebie 90 baby’s syndrome and early 2000 

They are cheating their employer by doing the same job everyday for 20 plus years and they expect more money and they want the front office they want longer vacation they want sick pay. For Doing nothing extra except clocking and going home from their

Jobs ! Madness  

But here is what they are not bringing to this table of life  .( Value ) if you are  not bringing  anything  to help your employer to make more money so they can pay you more .

You will be at risk of losing your job and your future

What should you do is learn how to help the owner the boss and move forward to learn every section in your company and thrive to think like a owner .

Go take a business class learn international law , learn a new language . And only than you be able to ask for more .

Why ? you have more value 

See becoming more will make you more  money ( Jim Rohn ) said this could be his quote .

And this my friend is were value is possible see our God aloud us to bring value to the world . Why?  Is this to create your future with wealth,health ,charity and so so much more


To spread the word of Financial Education . And how our God smile on this ability . This fits with Charity , Fundraiser , And more .

Business is a hard sport . Yes business is a game that only a few know how to play well and win often

Come join us today .

Buy my new  book Create  for your Family ,Faith Money

Why should i start a business .And when should i start


Why should i start a business .And when should i start

To me there is so many reason to start a business .

Here are a few on my  list.

Business  is to Create, Prosperity, Money,Freedom

You may have a Different look at  this equation for so many of us this adds up to be our Number 1

  Reason why we start. Some may  say passion Untrue  some  may say love perhaps Some may say a Gift from god you could be correct .

For many Business Owners .Business is about solving a problem for people who need our service for the money .

After that business can or will be Charitable and about the passion

Buy Business Hustler Owner 

Buy :  Create God Purpose For Your Family ,Faith and Prosperity 

Why should you work on becoming Wealthy

Why should you work on to becoming Wealthy

The old days of working 30 -40 years is about over the new wealth is a work at home business with a flexible time schedule .

So they say

What is freedom by the way .

Sometime its just time to do what ever you want to do with whom you want to do it with.

So you say it whom ever you chose to spend  your time with .Hmm 


My life experience have shown me that with out money .

Their is no freedom and time without money.

Do you want to become Wealthy ?

Yes i like money to spend and create wealth and help others understand the reason for this . Do you like money

Money should always be use to circulate back to you with more money  coming back to its Master  very  quick .

Do you want to become wealthy .  This is not a new art form it is the way you allow your mind to tell you about money .

Some people are too afraid ! To acknowledge how they feel about money Here is what I  want you to say today . If you are afraid

Right Now !   I am money and money want to serve me to help me stay Healthy , Abundance ,Prosperity  ,Charity , Love ,Rich ,Wealthy

And money is not evil .

Its is the lack of money that is evil.

Click here and get started learning how to make money 

Go to Seminar to learn the ways to improve your business

Go to Seminar to learn the ways to improve your business

The  time that you spend with others on the cell-phone,watching television or Having Lunch  is money. And  the old saying is time is money unless you have allot of ways of making passive income.

For me seminars are a great way to pass a few hours or days events to learn and mature and gain new insight .

About the many ways of making money 

Now i do enjoy meeting new  people. And  some people have great ideas and new people have money to spend to  help grow their business and yours . And some become friends and business partners

Here are were your new people could be . To bless your business

  1. Church
  2. Networking Events
  3. Gas Station
  4. Grocery  Store
  5. Family Gathering
  6. Barber Shop
  7. Meet-up
  8. Marketing  events
  9. Flea Marketing
  10. Book Store
  11. Do you want to learn how i create massive passive income everyday

Here are a few solutions that may help you improve your savings

  • Make money online
  • Here are a few solutions that may help you improve your savings .
  • One the hardest and most challenge things that you’ll ever do  is to make money online .

Family and friends  who mean well will tell you to stop . Your work team members  will joke and laugh  at you, and lets not forget the haters may even try to actively stop you from succeeding by telling management . And that’s not the worst of it.

Your Own thoughts Will Kill Your Dreams

Look if you tell yourself that you will not achieve a certain goal .Then you wont be able to win that goal . So give yourself the must positive and uplifting dreams . Such as I can , I will this will happen now

Start with Your Mindset on Money 

I will try not seem esoteric or wildly weird . but here is the facts is without a true belief that you can not change or improve your life to create financial freedom .


#1: Spend Time with Positive People

For me i really try to spend my time with positive people who are on the same path . To win also i also read  positive books, watch and learn from positive shows, and most importantly, i attend meeting and church and seminars with  positive people.

This is why I attend a lot of masterminds and networking events. Birds of a feather flock together.

Jim Rohn created and  said you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. So, if you want to earn 100 thousand or 10 million  a year in your online business, spend time with people who are also successful in business.

More to Come Watch for Updates

Do you want to learn how i create massive passive income everyday

About Us

Roosevelt Davis
Roosevelt Davis

Hello my name is Roosevelt Davis Founder  of BHO Innovations .com

And  i am so glad that you are here  .


You are here to learn how to  create your purpose to make money ,share some ideas with friends and family and to network with like mind people .

That is why ? I Create this blog for people like yourself

Here are  some things you should know about me

I love sharing ideas about making money and having freedom to do so

And especially making money with passive income and cash flow and many other  business opportunity .

And that is why ?  I  stated a pledge.   Business With High Speed  Results

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