My phone is. My best marketing tool ever 

My phone is. My best marketing tool ever

Now if you are not doing money with your phone. You just have a high price cell phone promoting their logo.

See I need this instrument of sound to relay a message and video to millions to help more people create their future and make money

This, not a game I do not Facebook live for fun this is about my future and generation and yours.

We sell information to help more people change their lives networking selling perfume oil, fragrance, and seasoning.

Our Brands Helps You Change Your Life. And my Friends your brand will do the same. Let us get started Now

It’s not bragging if it is true.Muhammad Ali



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Here are 441 videos on my other channel that hardly get no views Whats up with that

How live streaming on YouTube could be a great for your business

How live streaming on YouTube could be a great for your business

Well going to start a live streaming and see how this will help my business.I am going to use my new toy a webcam C525 and you can purchase this on Amazon were I do receive a small commission

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This is your business. And your Job to take care your family and staff and help others make money

This is your business. And your Job to take care your family and staff and help others make money

Look at me business owner this is your business. And you must treat your business like it is.

The other day my daughter call me and said can I please pick the grand-kids up from the daycare my response. I TEXT I am WORKING

Also, I had a doctor appointment and my doctor was late. And I told him that you know my business need my help. So why? are you late for our appointment together

If I were late for my appointment you will charge me.A LATE FEE. Doctor you and I are
a business owner like myself right .yes he response

Please, lets be on time so I can pay your co-payment and the insurance company can pay for your employees.

My business has a board meeting with lawyers, accountants and CPA and my sale team and people who truly want to work for their money. To take care their families

My wonderful auntie who wants me to stop and help her move something in her apartment. I am glad to be able to help but auntie I need your help. Can you please read this book to me while I work and help me edit my book. I need your time to read and you need my labor

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How to be a big time Influencer to make more money and help others make money

How to be a Big Time  Influencer  to make more money and help others make money

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Everyone wants to be big-time gurus, coaching and speakers and more you want the easy life of the business.  of things that they have heard and never done

And do things that you have heard of and never done before.

This, my friend, is a waste of your time and money

You truly want to make money 5,000 an hour or 50,000 an hour . you better know what you are speaking about and be willing to work your ass off. Some people are not Dumb

So many people need money now in American and around the world, they only care about Food, Water Daycare, and Shelter if you offer an extra 400 – 500 dollar a week to bring to their household. can achieve

You can change a life.

So Am teaching get money now by starting a service business like some of my friends Renee ,Tommy Marcus all of them are business owners . If you start creating a brand and a real business all the rest of this will add up as real money

Start a yard service, Clean Windows, Sell Fragrance, Wash Cars, Sweep Floors, Medical Asst This will take less than 5,000 dollars to start and you can start most of these businesses for free Today

See God want you to start creating your own future but this will take a lot of real hard work.

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Consuming content without No! Action in your business

Consuming content without No. Action in your business

Who does this? Well, almost 98 percent of the population does. We then call them in the business world hoarders of information.

They love learning this is why most college students keep going to college for the next degree

.Because they are scared to go to work.

It’s time to change

I started a business part-time.Before I quit my Job

I started a business part-time.Before I quit my Job

Let me be clear before you make you move into the world of business make sure you learn business and have paying clients so you can live
Sure you will get excited
When someone pays for your service and love your products. This feeling is amazing you want to tell your boss to take a hike and you want to tell your nerve to reckon employee to kiss your backside.
After your first sell. You start telling yourself all the nice things you will buy and the trips you will take.
 Look, my fellow newbie.
I want you to take a deep breath and remember you only have 1 customer and you need more than one client, customer to pay the bill.
You lay awake looking  at the ceiling thanking god for all your blessing you stay up late  talking to your wife and your wife stay up talking to her husband and you both are so happy for 1 client and the endless possibility
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book you could change your life.Please, understand some will read my book for the motivation factor and will not do any work to change. For me changing you. Will starts and ends with a clear positive mindset. To do more and be more

Business Hustler Owner

Business Hustler Owner
Business Hustler Owner

Disclaimer; This video is for serious business mind people men or women who are willing to work hard and execute what I have in these 13 chapters of BHO BUSINESS HUSTLER OWNER.

Business Hustler Owner

Let me  DIRECT and  TO THE POINT. You must put in the hard work to be very successful. In Business.

My book is for Anyone who will challenge themselves for more: Here are a few examples


2 Chef


4.Customer Service

5.Candy Makers

6.Captains Airplanes, Fishermen, Merchant Mariners

7.Car wash Attendants


9. Doctors

10.canine enforcement officers

11.Bus Drivers

12 Taxi -Cab Driver

There are more

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Would you like a Free Business

Would you like a Free Business

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Free Business Alert !  Well this somewhat true .There are a few rules to become a free business owner .

You must follow these rules and i don’t want to hear any crying or potty mouth . from you !


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I am

I am

Here is a post that kind of concern me . Why ?

I Did not want to come across   as Arrogant ,Conceited , or use a allot of  Hyperbole.

Buttt .


Here is the truth I am what i say I am .

A Doctor  . I am

A Author  .I am

A Police  .I am











When you were a child you goal of who your were  is so real to you and your belief of i am

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Motor Club America Lifestyle

Motor Club America Lifestyle.


How 5 dollars a week is changing lives.

Create a lifestyle Join Today  Have Fun and Relax


Today is an another scorching hot day.  The heat index in Florida is around 110  degrees and I have the Ac turn all the way up blowing Ice Cubes.

Just joking

I and my son decided it was time to take a walk to the nearest pool in one of my best friends neighborhood.

See what happen after we return to our truck.

When you need help with a Roadside Service this is why you should use us  Quick and Effect and  Reliable  Quality  Service

And our Benefits are the top of the industry and if you are looking for an Opportunity to create another source of income.  I” am sure we have a place for you to Thrive. All we ask from you.

All we ask from you.


You must be willing to work hard and help people solve problems that they have each day with their cars

Our Business is a Lifestyle. Click here and Welcome to the Team

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