Ask for the sale – The Door -to Door Salesmen

Ask for the sale – The Door -to Door Salesmen

You have the products and you have the service.So why? not ask for the sale when you know how the product works and you believe in the product or the service that you are selling.

You do know the customer Right that you are trying to reach for their time and money
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Bring your Son or Daughter To Work Day .Business or Job Podcast

Bring your Son or Daughter To Work Day.Business or Job Podcast

I love sharing my experiences with my children and young minds .I believe they need to have a choice.

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How to be a big time Influencer to make more money and help others make money

How to be a Big Time  Influencer  to make more money and help others make money

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Everyone wants to be big-time gurus, coaching and speakers and more you want the easy life of the business.  of things that they have heard and never done

And do things that you have heard of and never done before.

This, my friend, is a waste of your time and money

You truly want to make money 5,000 an hour or 50,000 an hour . you better know what you are speaking about and be willing to work your ass off. Some people are not Dumb

So many people need money now in American and around the world, they only care about Food, Water Daycare, and Shelter if you offer an extra 400 – 500 dollar a week to bring to their household. can achieve

You can change a life.

So Am teaching get money now by starting a service business like some of my friends Renee ,Tommy Marcus all of them are business owners . If you start creating a brand and a real business all the rest of this will add up as real money

Start a yard service, Clean Windows, Sell Fragrance, Wash Cars, Sweep Floors, Medical Asst This will take less than 5,000 dollars to start and you can start most of these businesses for free Today

See God want you to start creating your own future but this will take a lot of real hard work.

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I love Networking Events with Some my Friends  . Barbers Events Today Am   going to have a  Cigar  Today to Celebrate the event

I love Networking Events with Some my Friends  . Barbers Events Today Am   going to have a  Cigar  Today to Celebrate the event

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I love networking events . Sharing my  time with  friends and business partners.

I have seen some these guys careers blossom as business owners and barbers and stylist .

This month i have a lot of networking events in our city of Jacksonville Florida and some of the networking will be in small towns in .Florida and  Georgia and also i will be doing some travel . For Business

To spread the word of Financial Education . And how our God smile on this ability . This fits with Charity , Fundraiser , And more .

Business is a hard sport . Yes business is a game that only a few know how to play well and win often.

There Guys and Ladies make allot of money to create a awesome look for you


Buy my new  book Create  for your Family ,Faith Money

Here are a few solutions that may help you improve your savings

  • Make money online
  • Here are a few solutions that may help you improve your savings .
  • One the hardest and most challenge things that you’ll ever do  is to make money online .

Family and friends  who mean well will tell you to stop . Your work team members  will joke and laugh  at you, and lets not forget the haters may even try to actively stop you from succeeding by telling management . And that’s not the worst of it.

Your Own thoughts Will Kill Your Dreams

Look if you tell yourself that you will not achieve a certain goal .Then you wont be able to win that goal . So give yourself the must positive and uplifting dreams . Such as I can , I will this will happen now

Start with Your Mindset on Money 

I will try not seem esoteric or wildly weird . but here is the facts is without a true belief that you can not change or improve your life to create financial freedom .


#1: Spend Time with Positive People

For me i really try to spend my time with positive people who are on the same path . To win also i also read  positive books, watch and learn from positive shows, and most importantly, i attend meeting and church and seminars with  positive people.

This is why I attend a lot of masterminds and networking events. Birds of a feather flock together.

Jim Rohn created and  said you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. So, if you want to earn 100 thousand or 10 million  a year in your online business, spend time with people who are also successful in business.

More to Come Watch for Updates

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