Buying the New Apple iPhone X-10

Apple just introduce their new phone . The iPhone X -10 at the outstanding price of 1,200 dollars and this equates to 8 average laptops or 4 medium  home computers

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Dam lets face it !

The I phone is the most expense phone in history  and could be your for a cool 1,000

Now please tell us would you sacrifice buy this amazing technology and forget all your other  responsibility .

Such as your Mortgage  ,Rent ,lights ,Car payment ,Student loans or Credit Cars and all expense just to have this one of kind phone that is breaking history and your purse and wallets

Now do i like Apple iPhone  .I -Guess

Since I -Do not own a iPhone at this time  .I-might challenge myself to buy the 6-7 iPhone

For business purpose not just to have a iPhone  .Please subscribe make a comment and share

Are you the Hunter or the Prey in Business. The Social Media Change 

Are you the Hunter or the Prey in Business. The Social Media Change 

Today is a cold morning .

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I’M Walking and working in the park for about 1 hr of exercise and HERE IS MY THOUGHT FOR TODAY .PLEASE WATCH VIDEO .

Last month was a Big month for the BHO Innovation Company and My other company  Just Smell So Good .com

For me you should be forever changing and moving forward with high intense movement for your life .

And this amazing transformation starts with you .

I have notice a change in the platform of business and with this type of change some people on them will be a prey and will have a loss in their  business and incomes

These  platform such as Uber, Lyft ,YouTube, Facebook Amazon,Ebay.

Have reach full capacity .For Free 

And these companies  and their share holders have a notice pay to play or get kick off . No matter how may people that subscribe follow or like your products or service

This all so includes Super Stars , Football , Basketball ,Law ,Doctors ,Barbers . And more

They want payment to show your work . So must start paying rent

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Buy my new  book Create  for your Family ,Faith Money