How I was a Door-Door Sale-men selling Meat for 16 hrs

How I was a Door-Door Sale-men selling Meat for 16 hrs

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My friend is Troy is a super sale man and a  great trainer And he convinces meat to sell meat for his meat company.
So I agreed to join
 On this very day June 25 Thursday of 2009 the same day Micheal Jackson Death.
 You must watch the whole video to hear and see what did happen.
Where is the Beef Babby

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The Door to door Salesman

The Door to Door Salesmen
The Door to Door Salesmen

The Door to door Salesman

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Here with one of my teachers and friends Belvery Eagle Rogers and who taught me the art of direct sales as a  salesman or sale women.

Years ago I tried my hand at selling insurance and making money from my efforts selling insurance  was a brutal business  and if you did not sale you would not eat

30 years before my friend and teacher.Was Scott

There was me selling candy at the age 14-15 door to door with another teacher of the art of door knocking his name was Scott I and 10 other boys went on Friday and Saturday.

To make .50 cent on a $5 dollars box of Carmel Custtter my flavor Peanut Butter Crunch, Color Books, Peanut  Brittle, And assortment cookies

And we did this

After school and when we finish our homework selling candy to influent neighbors.

I am going, to be honest with you selling door to door is brutal and very hard when I was young I was shy and care about what others thought and view me to be.

Look I also was hunger and very poor as a kid and had 5 others kids that needed the extra money for my family survival. More about this later

When I tried asking people to buy my candies and other stuff  I truly suck. I read the script and No  sales happen

That Scott gave each kid. For me, it seems to me I was begging for money.

And there were some kids selling 20 – 40 boxes each and every weekend at .50 a box that was $10 -$20 for a 14-year-old or 15 this was good bread or money each and every week.

Some of our parents were making like 1.25 -1.75  an hour for a 40 hrs week $50 -70 a week

So when you child brings in $20 -or $40 hrs on a weekend.

He or she was going to help with household duties and buy their own clothes if needed

Here is the script as I came remember: Hello my name is Roosevelt Davis  I am from the  American Candy Company and we are selling and asking for a donation for us to win a trip to Disney world.  This was a simple pitch.

Did it work sure did like a charm?

Unfortunately not for me

But not for me until I  change the way I thought

Next, we reach into our boxes and show the client what we have to sell. I realize that I am the entertainment business of helping people solve a problem.

And I not did worry about my own stomach.This is  when I learn the script and pitch my products to more house faster and had more fun and the people seen the joy from a kid not because I was needed because I knew the product   and the sales start pouring in and I became the number sales person on the weekend and won a trip to Disney.

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You must have more than one choice in business and be a master of a few

You must have more than one choice in business and be a master of a few

This cracks me up all the time when I see so call business owner Who will tell their legion of followers just do one thing and the money from the sky will fall upon them.

This can work in the beginning. But my friends a business must be ever evolving into different solutions to help more people solve their problems

As a  business owner, if you have the solution to help your client and will not sell them the items or products and service that is needed in the market place. You do not service the client  instead of allowing your client, customers go so where else

You do not service the client instead of allowing your client, customers go so where else to buy products and service that you know about and the money that your business desperate needed for your business growth.

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How passive income can pay down your debt.As a business owner

How passive income can pay down your debt.As a business owner

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Why I sign with **MCA** Motor Club America

Why I sign with **MCA** Motor Club America

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Corn field Maze .See this to the end and the clues to the way out

Cornfield Maze.See this to the end and the clues to the way out

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As an Entrepreneur, I get to control my time and today I spent my time with my son at the  Amazing Grace Farm.

Here is our adventure me and the other children at his school and our team view and play with some of the animals on the farm .pigs, goats, cows and some horse.

We also took a hayride around the farm



Put your feet on the gas pedal and fly

Put your feet on the gas pedal and fly

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How the best tow drivers are hired by M.C.A for only 5 dollars a week


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You have permission to change and improve your earnings

You have permission to change and  improve your earnings

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True ; Story
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