How passive income can pay down your debt.As a business owner

How passive income can pay down your debt.As a business owner

Here is the issue for me when some financial adviser would tell people that you must pay off your debt and cut all your credit cards up

That is Bullshit!

They never tell the person that you must increase your income with more money.And if they did tell you this please hire this person.

The problem is. Most people need money now. And most people do not know how to create more money. Read my Book Call Create God Purpose for Your Family Prosperity and Faith: ***** Buy Now !

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Read my Book Call Create God Purpose for Your Family Prosperity and Faith:

The Credit industries is a trillion business and growing they cater more to people like college students and seniors who have stop producing an income and are on a fixed income and college students that have not started their process into the workforce.

This kind of methods is no good for a person with a low wage job or a business that do have huge profit margins at the end of the month.

My friend’s Debts is not Bad. Unless you can not pay for the Debt with more money this does not require a second or third job.

Also remember a business owner need a team of accountants, lawyers, and bookkeeping skills and more to help them win

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You have a special gift to create more money – Cash-flow -Passive -Income in Business

You have a special gift to create more money – Cash-flow -Passive -Income in Business.

Buy my new  book Create  for your Family ,Faith Money

You have to be able to create value into a business . Also life is about changing and creating everyday that is why we have Summer, Spring, Winter and fall

Lets get started i spoke to a young man while driving with uber and he told me that his job is not giving him enough hours . Some of the reason for this that most people are not creating value in the market place .

 I’am Off the  track a little Bit

Also this guy ask me to make a stop for him to get something to eat before he went to work .

He did not want pay for the stop and my time .

(Give value or a  Thank you )

What i did next might surprise most Uber drivers i told this guy to buy me a cup of coffee for the stop . Since i gave him value for the stop i needed to get paid for my time

Most people of this Generation want the freebie 90 baby’s syndrome and early 2000 

They are cheating their employer by doing the same job everyday for 20 plus years and they expect more money and they want the front office they want longer vacation they want sick pay. For Doing nothing extra except clocking and going home from their

Jobs ! Madness  

But here is what they are not bringing to this table of life  .( Value ) if you are  not bringing  anything  to help your employer to make more money so they can pay you more .

You will be at risk of losing your job and your future

What should you do is learn how to help the owner the boss and move forward to learn every section in your company and thrive to think like a owner .

Go take a business class learn international law , learn a new language . And only than you be able to ask for more .

Why ? you have more value 

See becoming more will make you more  money ( Jim Rohn ) said this could be his quote .

And this my friend is were value is possible see our God aloud us to bring value to the world . Why?  Is this to create your future with wealth,health ,charity and so so much more


To spread the word of Financial Education . And how our God smile on this ability . This fits with Charity , Fundraiser , And more .

Business is a hard sport . Yes business is a game that only a few know how to play well and win often

Come join us today .

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The Statues in Jacksonville Florida of Andrew Jacksons

The Statues in Jacksonville Florida of Andrew Jackson

I am a true native of Jacksonville Florida . The Good , Bad or Ugly of our city I enjoy the sunny days and the raining evening . And our amazing beaches lets not forget the famous  Disney World that everyone comes here national and international to have fun in the sun .

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Why ? should i  give a  fuck about our history and the statues  of Andrew Jackson .   Lets take a look who is Andrew Jackson Wikipedia  or Webster.

He was the past  .And will  always be  our history no matter what you Destroy he help build America without him what type of  america would we have here .

This is Andrew Jackson :Andrew Jackson (March 15, 1767 – June 8, 1845) was an American soldier and statesman who served as the seventh President of the United States from 1829 to 1837.

And he also on the $20 dollar bill that most people spend each week .

Here are some states name after .Andrew Jackson 

1 South  Carolina 

2 Jacksonville Florida 

3 North Carolina 

Yes Andrew Jackson was a Irish Immigrate and he sold and own slaves and everyone at the time own slaves White, Chinese , Black , Indian , Spanish .

Here  is a little unknown history that most people do not report.

And rich blacks farmers own slaves of their kind and Indian decent and was know to have white concubine.

Look there will always be some type of racism   you can tear down these statues and remove the pain that you never felt .

To be replace with new statue that some Respect Adore or Fear .

As a Business Owner i want my kids to know the History of America and not to a have image taken away from parks our downtown area.

Perhaps they will  come after our library and take traces of our history  to hide our life that you were born . To create

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To win and make allot of money from


Hope Not !



Here are a few solutions that may help you improve your savings

  • Make money online
  • Here are a few solutions that may help you improve your savings .
  • One the hardest and most challenge things that you’ll ever do  is to make money online .

Family and friends  who mean well will tell you to stop . Your work team members  will joke and laugh  at you, and lets not forget the haters may even try to actively stop you from succeeding by telling management . And that’s not the worst of it.

Your Own thoughts Will Kill Your Dreams

Look if you tell yourself that you will not achieve a certain goal .Then you wont be able to win that goal . So give yourself the must positive and uplifting dreams . Such as I can , I will this will happen now

Start with Your Mindset on Money 

I will try not seem esoteric or wildly weird . but here is the facts is without a true belief that you can not change or improve your life to create financial freedom .


#1: Spend Time with Positive People

For me i really try to spend my time with positive people who are on the same path . To win also i also read  positive books, watch and learn from positive shows, and most importantly, i attend meeting and church and seminars with  positive people.

This is why I attend a lot of masterminds and networking events. Birds of a feather flock together.

Jim Rohn created and  said you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. So, if you want to earn 100 thousand or 10 million  a year in your online business, spend time with people who are also successful in business.

More to Come Watch for Updates

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