The Statues in Jacksonville Florida of Andrew Jacksons

The Statues in Jacksonville Florida of Andrew Jackson

I am a true native of Jacksonville Florida . The Good , Bad or Ugly of our city I enjoy the sunny days and the raining evening . And our amazing beaches lets not forget the famous  Disney World that everyone comes here national and international to have fun in the sun .

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Why ? should i  give a  fuck about our history and the statues  of Andrew Jackson .   Lets take a look who is Andrew Jackson Wikipedia  or Webster.

He was the past  .And will  always be  our history no matter what you Destroy he help build America without him what type of  america would we have here .

This is Andrew Jackson :Andrew Jackson (March 15, 1767 – June 8, 1845) was an American soldier and statesman who served as the seventh President of the United States from 1829 to 1837.

And he also on the $20 dollar bill that most people spend each week .

Here are some states name after .Andrew Jackson 

1 South  Carolina 

2 Jacksonville Florida 

3 North Carolina 

Yes Andrew Jackson was a Irish Immigrate and he sold and own slaves and everyone at the time own slaves White, Chinese , Black , Indian , Spanish .

Here  is a little unknown history that most people do not report.

And rich blacks farmers own slaves of their kind and Indian decent and was know to have white concubine.

Look there will always be some type of racism   you can tear down these statues and remove the pain that you never felt .

To be replace with new statue that some Respect Adore or Fear .

As a Business Owner i want my kids to know the History of America and not to a have image taken away from parks our downtown area.

Perhaps they will  come after our library and take traces of our history  to hide our life that you were born . To create

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You have the mindset for more money

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Since she did such a great job her supervisor ask would she like a position  as a Team leader.  She except the job

That paid more and had less time to see the world with family and friends she always dream to explore the world .

As the years pass she became more successful doing the job .So one day here boss ask her to take on  more responsibly .

So she accepted   promotion  to a manger she kept up with her efforts and learn everything that she could and again was promoted  General Manger  .

And one  day  thinking ” she said to herself i have  chose a path of long hours time away from my  family and the hours are long for the pay that the job require for me to do .

So this woman said to herself i can be anything that i  put mind too God will allow me to be able to travel the world with my family using the ability that i have to train others in the  career   that I have the  knowledge And  i will be well paid and make a lot of money with less time doing .

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