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To your success Start a Business Today In 2018

To your success Start a Business Today In 2018



I have been a business owner for the 22 plus years and also have had the corporation job. Also, I am college dropout the reason one day in the computer lab I realize I will never be able to afford the lifestyle the adventure the cars kids and beautiful wife and big house that truly deserve


And notice I would always be trading time for money.Look, my friends, I was very successful in college at that time of my life.A very successful artist selling my works to my college and galleries and million dollar homes

I tour from city to city while going to college and my professor said to me I would be a great Teacher and he would find me all the grants possible to graduate. Thanks Professor


But at that very moment, I did the math. And I wrote a goal this is  what I wrote

1. Travel I want to go Paris when I was young, not as an old man  I wanted to have sex with my wife with the windows open facing the Eiffel  tower ( By  the way this did happen and I enjoy every minute of it with my wife)

2. I want more than one house in different locations – This also happen and more to come

3, I want to control my own money and how much I wanted to get paid for so I started a business

4, I want to have the freedom to go as I please without any boundaries

5  I wanted to retire early and I did this at the young age of 35 this is

when I played golf every day

6.Now I want to help more young people start a business my kids and young people who are mature and want to learn and want to w


7.Tell more people what God has done for my life and how he can help you

Now with new innovations, there always be a change for the business owner who wants to achieve more.

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