Metro or City

You have a choice to move from your city to a metropolitan

You have a choice to move from your city to a metropolitan


Metropolitan city is defined as an area, sometimes referred to as a region of a metro of 1 million and above.


So if this is the case in a metro why are there so many people who stay and live and don’t  thrive in their local city.


And some of  the residents that city who live there who do make the incomes to stay but do 


when you a census who gather critical information about the citizen of those cities.  they also made  a choice to stay in their  great  city what are some the reason to stay



My guess? They are afraid to leave and take a chance on life, yes a family Mom,  Dad, Sister and Your Brother is great to surround yourself around.

Let us take an hour and think about it if you have No job you are barely making ends meet you must work two and sometimes three minimum wage jobs in the city that you live. Is this what you have a vision for your life.

Is your city  really worth the struggle 


One morning your brother told the family that he is leaving to join the military you knew when he said the words he was trying to escape this mundane existence of your city.

And you wanted to do the same you want to burst out and say I am leaving this crappy city but you did not want to leave your mother who you work alongside with you.

And your mom is a great friend she makes your lunch and you both share a laugh about what happened in the food market.You feel if you leave she will not have a friend like you perhaps you are correct and perhaps it is an opposite view of your insecurity

Your thoughts wander

And she is only making a fraction than myself and its is talks that my father job could leave to a bigger city to increase growth for their tiny business

My friends this  happening in so many small cities and the only ones that have a choice is you

You must go create a future for yourself

To start a Business  To meet That Future Husband or Wife To Find a Better Job or To see The World without commitment to a Military

And understand that you will make mistakes here is your opportunity to change

Almost forgot I saw a 60 minutes documentary and everyone vote for change in their small city they wanted more great paying jobs they also mention that vote and was told a lie by Trump. And the city was suffering 

Think about what I wrote if you want more you must be the change

Start a Business Today and leave and grow and come back and visit your city

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Understanding the process will only happen when you make a decision for your life. The person who does have  a choice is a person who goes to jail or in the military


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